What are the significant planning and development decisions, actions and events that have shaped Vancouver?

The Vancouver City Planning Commission  is working with community partners and advisors to compile a current list of planning and development milestones from early settlement by Indigenous peoples to the present.

The result is an online timeline providing snapshots of significant events, including City Council decisions, major real estate developments, federal housing investments, regional plans, new transportation technologies, social policy innovations, and environmental restoration. These milestones from the past inform our discussions about the city’s future.

You can read more about this project on our About page.

Online Chronology

To enter the timeline, click on ‘Continue’ and use the tool at the bottom of the screen to scroll to the right to take you forward in time. View full screen

We study the past to understand the present; we understand the present to guide the future.

William Lund

About the Vancouver City Planning Commission

The Vancouver City Planning Commission is an advisory body of citizens appointed by Council with a broad mandate to consider and advise Council on matters relating to the future of Vancouver. To create a solid foundation for its advice to Council, the Planning Commission organizes conferences, consultations, idea competitions, presentations and research in a variety of topics including housing, public realm, transportation, public engagement and neighbourhoods.