This website records steps toward the development of a chronology of milestones, or transformative events, in the evolution of the city.

The Vancouver City Planning Commission has a mandate to advise Council on the future of the city. To inform our perspective, we seek to ground our future-oriented work in an understanding of the legacy of the past.

Although there are many excellent histories of Vancouver, and numerous useful thematic chronologies, we did not have a resource that provided a comprehensive chronology of milestones in the city’s planning and development.

History of the Chronology Project

In 2014, following a round table discussion with past Planning Commissioners, we set out to develop an accessible chronology tool with the assistance of community partners and advisors.

In 2015, we completed a first edition of the chronology through to the year 2014, based on the research of a group of students in planning, architecture, and related fields:
UBC SALA Student Chronology Project

In January 2016, we launched the first edition of the chronology as an online timeline with our inaugural “Year in Review” workshops and  public panel event. At these events, we invited the panellists and audience to comment on a draft list of planning and developments of 2015 that could be considered significant enough to add to the online timeline..

Planning is now underway for our sixth annual “Year-in-Review” event in February 2021.  Once again we will be hosting a workshop and panel discussion to reflect on the planning and developments decisions that could be considered as emerging milestones of 2020.

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