Designating Current Milestones

The Vancouver Planning Chronology timeline includes detailed information on individual entries up to 2015.

Significant events and actions identified for the most recent five years, 2016 to 2020, receive a different treatment, reflecting the challenge of trying to identify a milestone without benefit of hindsight.

Five-year Monitoring Period

Identifying milestones in the distant past in the evolution of the city is an easier challenge than figuring out whether actions and events that seem significant in the present will actually prove transformative in retrospect.

The framework for identifying milestones in Vancouver’s planning and development history is described in What is a Milestone?

Although the discussion about which recent actions and events could prove to be transformative to become milestones is valuable and engaging, in reality many of the proposed entries are still unfolding and their ultimate impacts unknown. It could also turn out that a significant action or event that proved transformative in some way was missed.

So, we have created a five-year window for monitoring those current actions and events before making the decision about which ones to include in the online timeline, which is intended to show the truly significant planning and development decisions, actions and events that have shaped Vancouver.

Why five years?

The five-year interval is a commonly used in all types of planning – economic, strategic, land supply. It is the basis for many funding cycles, as well as a required interval in determining eligibility for awards. Five years is the required interval following retirement for admission to many halls of fame in sports, as well as the required interval following death for consideration for Roman Catholic sainthood or for representation on a US stamp.

Based on this widespread custom, we decided on five years as a practical interval between developing a list of significant planning and development events for a given year and entering those significant events in the online timeline. In that interval, the events and actions can be monitored and reviewed with public discussion, leading to the selection of entries for the timeline.