Emerging Milestones 2019

What were the biggest moments in urban planning in Vancouver in 2019?

The Vancouver City Planning Commission is preparing for our fifth annual “Year-in-Review” panel event to reflect on what happened in 2019 with regards to our city’s built form, economics, quality of life and sustainability.

We are looking to identify the innovative and transformative decisions and actions around land use, neighbourhood planning and development that could significant impact the future of Vancouver.

The Chronology Committee, based on the input from our November 19, 2019 workshop, has identified the following preliminary milestones.

While the participants in this event were asked to address the milestones the city had come to acknowledge, they were also asked to propose and discuss ones that may not have been brought to the table. In particular, there were four potential milestones pinpointed at the workshop that we include for consideration:

Other potential milestones that were considered by the Chronology Committee, but did not make our final cut included: