Emerging Milestones 2015

The first edition of the online timeline charted significant planning and development actions, decisions and events up to 2014. To update the online timeline with significant events from 2015, the Chronology Project Group reviewed the discussion about the significant events of 2015 that took place at the January 2015 panel, including comments on the 15 events identified in earlier workshops as potential milestones and new suggestions made during the evening.

The result was the short list of 10 emerging milestones included below. Following our process for designating milestones, they will be revisited in 2020 to detemine if that have truly stood the test of time and warrant being included as entries in our chronology timeline. Click on the links for a description of the event, its potential significance, and links to more information.

2015: Other notable themes, issues and events

The lively ‘2015 in review’ discussions in the January workshops and panel event generated reflections on many interesting themes and issues that did not qualify as discrete events, as well as on events and actions that did not seem to have potential as milestones. In other cases, the actions are still unfolding and the final outcome unknown.

We have listed these below as topics to watch in the coming months and years. They include events that were nominated in the January workshops but did not make the 2015 short list – at least, for now.

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