Brenhill court ruling shakes up City’s planning process

A court ruling on January 27, 2015 temporarily halted the development of a 36-storey tower at 508 Helmcken Street by Brenhill Developments and a 13-storey social housing project at 1099 Richards Street. In his ruling, Mark McEwan, of the B.C. Supreme Court, was critical of the city’s public engagement and notification process, and ordered a new public hearing for the Helmcken project and a new Development Permit Board review for the Richards proposal.

The court also quashed amendments to the Downtown Official Development Plan bylaw because advance public notification of a hearing on the amendments did not mention other city areas that were affected and did not notify all residents who may be affected by them. The court found that the package of materials available to the public was highly technical, that a large volume of peripheral information was interlaced with vital information, and that nothing addressed the public in simple, direct terms.

Following the court decision, the City complied with the requirements set out in the court ruling. Subsequently, the Development Permit Board on April 7 awarded a new permit for the building at 1099 Richards Street, and City Council on April 16 voted a second time to rezone 508 Helmcken Street.

On April 23, 2015 the B.C. Court of Appeal overturned the lower court ruling.

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Potential Significance
Municipal staff across Metro Vancouver took note of the lower court’s view of the public hearing and engagement process, and the issue of transparency in negotiations between municipal authorities and developers.

The court decision also drew attention to City staff support and Council approval of rezoning 508 Helmcken Street in spite of initial Urban Design Panel non-support and considerable neighbourhood objection to the setting aside of urban design guidelines and zoning parameters.

A group of Vancouver urban planners and academics, including former City of Vancouver planners, submitted an open letter to City Council on procedural fairness. They were concerned about the need for an overall planning framework for the city and approval of projects that ignore planning values related to new developments fitting in with their surroundings.

A group of residents and business owners, called the Community Association of New Yaletown (CANY), launched the lawsuit against Brenhill Developments and the City, asking the court to set aside the rezoning and development permit for a number of reasons, including the City’s failure to disclose relevant documents and to provide proper notice of public hearing.

The CANY petition drew considerable attention, coming on the heels of the West End Neighbours (WEN) request for a judicial review of STIR and Rental 100 programs in early April, 2014. Earlier, a rally on the steps of Vancouver City Hall on September 24, 2013 attracted hundreds of residents from several neighbourhood and community groups to protest the City’s top-down planning approach and significant “spot rezonings” and rezonings of parts of communities.

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