Emerging Milestones 2018

What were the biggest moments in urban planning in Vancouver in 2018?

The Vancouver City Planning Commission is preparing for our fourth annual “Year-in-Review” panel event to reflect on what happened over the past 12 months with reagrds to our city’s built form, economics, quality of life and sustainability.. We are looking to identify the innovative and transformative decisions and actions around land use, neighbourhood planning and development that could significant impact the future of Vancouver.

Based on a workshop held in November, the following potential 2018 planning and development milestones are identified for consideration:

Indigenous Reconciliation

Community Planning

A City for All


Other Emerging Milestones discussed in 2018

In addition to the above shortlist of emerging milestones, several other planning and development activities were discussed at the 2018 workshop. These activities were determined to be either  covered in previous years, or still in process.