Measures adopted to slow development in Chinatown


The future development of Chinatown will be shaped by two events. First, the City of Vancouver formally apologized to the Chinese community for past discrimination on April 22 at a special council meeting. Given the unique and central role of Chinatown in the history of the city and the Chinese community, part of Historical Discrimination Against Chinese People in Vancouver report recommendations are to initiate a process towards a UNESCO designation of World Heritage Site for Chinatown. Second, on September 18, City Council changed policies adopted seven years ago, enacting amendments to Chinatown HA-1 and HA-1A districts (pdf) schedule and design policies.


The protection of the entire historic area through zoning and intangible-heritage conservation is significant for Vancouver and other Chinatowns in North America. Where most of Vancouver is being rezoned to allow for greater density, planning initiatives in Chinatown are intended to slow development and calm gentrification pressures.

The large Chinatowns in North America are facing similar gentrification pressures and Vancouver could provide a valuable model of development.



Last updated: December 6, 2018