Climate Emergency Plan Approved


On November 17, 2020 Vancouver City Council approved a five-year Climate Emergency Plan. It contains 19 actions, including four described as “game changers,” targeting buildings and transportation, seen as the biggest sources of carbon pollution. These are:

  • Planning for road pricing in the Metro Vancouver core (central Vancouver) by 2025 to reduce congestion and reallocate road space;
  • Expanding residential street parking programs and a surcharge on new luxury gas and diesel vehicles;
  • Making a transition from fossil fuels in older buildings’
  • Requirements for low-carbon construction materials and practices

Climate Emergency Indicators Framework


The plan aims to reduce  Vancouver’s carbon pollution by 50 per cent by 2030, and be carbon neutral before 2050. City staff said 54 per cent of Vancouver’s carbon pollution comes from burning natural-gas heating, and gas- and diesel-burning vehicles are responsible for 39 per cent of emissions. The plan’s priorities include mitigating the impacts of climate change, advancing public health, making the city more resilient to future disruption and integrating equity — meaning making low-cost sustainable transportation options available, sharing the costs of reducing carbon pollution and creating new opportunities for participating in a zero-carbon economy. The plan emphasizes that “climate justice” will be a key part of the plan’s work.

Modelling for the plan forecast a net savings of $1 billion for residents and businesses resulting from technological changes and behaviour to 2030 — $1.38 billion in investments would bring  $2.38 billion in savings.


During development of the plan, a climate and equity working group reviewed recommended actions and provide input to refine them. Council also approved a financial framework outlining actions and investments to 2025 to help meet the plan’s goals.

NOTE: Implementation plans still to be brought to Council.


Prepared by:  VCPC Chronology Committee
Last Updated: December 14, 2020