Milestones 2017 Event Information

A Dialogue on Events that Changed Vancouver

On February 5, 2018, the Vancouver City Planning Commission hosted Milestones 2017. Our third annual Year in Review public forum, it was a look back that ultimately turned into a dialogue about the future of our city.

Four leading urban thinkers and achievers discussed 2017 decisions and events in planning and development that have been identified as possibly having a transformative influence on the evolution of Vancouver. The panellists will also offer their own ideas on proposed milestones of 2017 and respond to suggestions from the audience.

The emerging milestones of 2017 will be added to the online Chronology of Planning and Development in Vancouver.



  • Gordon Price, former Vancouver city councillor and former director of SFU’s City Program
  • Melody Ma, Lead of #SaveChinatownYVR campaign, Chinatown activist and urban blogger
  • Ouri Scott, Vancouver architect with a focus on indigenous design and sustainable infrastructure development
  • Paul Kershaw, Founder & Lead Researcher, Generation Squeeze

Milestones 2017 was presented in partnership with SFU’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement.



The Vancouver City Planning Commission has been working with planners, architects, landscape architects, developers, urban historians, academics and engaged urbanists to compile a list of significant planning and development milestones from the time of early First Nations settlement to the present.

The result is an online chronology that provides snapshots of events that affected the evolution of the city, including Council decisions, real estate developments, federal housing investments, regional plans, introduction of new transportation technologies, social policy innovations and environmental restoration. The chronology is updated every year after the annual Year-In-Review public forum.