Project Team

The Milestones 2017 project team included:

  • Robert Matas, Chair  (Commissioner)
  • Karenn Krangle (Commissioner)
  • Leslie Shieh (Commissioner)
  • Marta Farevaag (Past Commissioner)
  • Phil Mondor (Past Commissioner)
  • Elizabeth Ballantyne (Past Executive Director)
  • Yuri Artibise (Executive Director)
  • Amy Calder (Community Volunteer)
Chronology Committee member Phil Mondor discusses table outcomes at the Milestones 2017 workshop.

Workshop Facilitators

Our workshop facilitators included:

  • Jennifer Marshall (Commissioner)
  • Leslie Shieh (Commissioner)
  • Naomi Reichstein (Community volunteer)
  • Azhar Tyabji (Community volunteer)

Workshop Note-takers and Volunteers

  • Craig Busch
  • Arielle Dalley
  • Nicholas Gallant
  • Frankie Mao
  • Carly Rosenblat
  • Lilly Wilson

Special thanks to VCPC Chair Nola Kate Seymoar for her advice and support.