Survey Results

Based on the results from a November 2017 brainstorming workshop, the VCPC Chronology Committee developed a survey that was sent to leading urban thinkers, architects, urban planners and engaged citizens. The survey asked respondents to review and rank a list potential milestones for 2017,letting us know whether these decisions, actions and events were considered to be significant enough to have a transformation impact on our city.

80 people responded to this survey.  Here are the results:


Data Table

Other Milestones

Respondents were also offered the chance to add any milestones that they felt were missing.  Several of these suggestions were deemed by the Chronology Committee to be either milestones from other years, or not currently significant enough to be added to the list. However, two suggestions were deemed worthy of consideration for 2017 and added to our list of emerging milestones:

The other suggestions will continue to be monitored for possible inclusion in future years.