#DontHave1Million protests over lack of affordable housing

Environmental scientist Eveline Xia struck a nerve when she took to Twitter to express frustration with the rising cost of home ownership for young professionals in Vancouver. Over the following months, an online conversation became a street protest and federal election issue. The question of whether foreign investors are inflating land values and empty houses and condos also came under discussion. Mayor Gregor Robertson called for a speculation tax.

The cost of housing is the subject of a continual and lively debate in Vancouver. The #DontHave1Million social media campaign directed attention specifically at the rising cost of a single family home in Vancouver, but protest rallies organized under that name focused generally on the lack of housing affordability for younger residents.

Vancouver, along with other municipal councils and the Metro Vancouver board have initiated programs aimed at affordable housing, including rental, social housing and affordable home ownership. Vancouver has created a housing continuum that shows the range of housing types.