False Creek Flats Planning

2015 City launches False Creek Flats planning process

The City launches its 18-month False Creek Flats planning process, with 200 stakeholders attending a launch event focusing on topics that include employment, innovation, transportation, food, arts and culture and public space.

Planners forecast the 450-acre False Creek Flats as the site of 8,000 jobs and as a health, technology and innovation centre while maintaining the area’s industrial character. Current businesses include waste management, digital media, clean technology, education, transportation and food services.
The Great Northern Way campus , a consortium of the University of B.C., Simon Fraser University, B.C. Institute of Technology and Emily Carr University created in 2001, and the Centre for Digital Media are located on the flats and the new campus for Emily Car will be built there. The new St. Paul’s Hospital will also be built on the Flats.

The Flats, bounded by Main, Prior and Venables, Clark Drive and Great Northern Way, is a long-standing industrial and rail area that sits on filled land that was once part of a larger False Creek. The city’s 1995 industrial lands strategy identified the Flats as essential for preserving industrial, transportation and service needs.