Grandview Woodlands Citizens Assembly

2015 Grandview Woodland Citizens’ Assembly submits final report

The Grandview Woodland Citizens’ Assembly submits its final report to city council after a year-long process, recommending significantly less density than had been proposed in the city’s emerging directions for the new Grandview Woodland community plan.

Creation of the Citizens Assembly was a response to resident opposition to the City’s emerging directions for the new Grandview Woodland community plan, which recommended tall buildings and higher density near the transit hub at Commercial and Broadway, and other areas. Observers said the assembly could change the nature of public engagement and collaborative, neighbourhood-led planning practices in Vancouver through its efforts to intentionally recruit residents who reflect the diversity of the community. It was also regarded as a catalyst for neighbourhood control and a decentralized public process for planning.

The creation of the assembly in 2014 was a major departure from recent public processes in that it was decentralized and citizen-
oriented. It was an attempt to solicit public feedback reflecting the sentiments of the community. The assembly, elected to reflect the demographic and social diversity of the area, drew 48 volunteer participants from a pool of 504 names. Its members spent one year listening to local stakeholders, pressure groups and experts, weighing options, and making recommendations.