Brainstorming Workshops

The short list of significant planning and development events proposed for discussion at the January 26 panel event was generated at workshops hosted by the Planning Commission two weeks before.

Workshop participants included subject experts and urban professionals active in planning and development in the city. They were asked to consider the question:

“What were the defining decisions, actions and events of 2015 in planning and development that could prove to be transformative in Vancouver’s evolution?”

In lively table discussions, facilitated by urban studies students and Planning Commissioners, two workshop groups created an extensive list of notable events and actions of 2015 seen as having the potential for becoming milestones in the evolution of Vancouver as a city – potential ‘game changers,’ transforming how we see or do planning and development in the city, or affecting the city in some other profound way.

Through plenary group reporting, and further comments and discussion, the list was pared down to 15 significant events to take forward to the public panel discussion event on January 26.

Workshop participants included:
Michael Alexander
Marianne Amodio
John Atkin
James Bligh
Bill Buholzer
Frances Bula
Stewart Burgess
Mark Busse
Elisa Campbell
James Cheng
Patrick Condon
Frank Ducote
Marta Farevaag
Marguerite Ford
Lindsey Fryett
Michael Geller
Veronica Gillies
Scot Hein
Meg Holden
Ronda Howard
Peter Joyce
Sandy James
Richard Keate
Michael Kluckner
Peter Ladner
Margot Long
Bruce Macdonald
Jennifer Marshall
Graham McGarva
Phil Mondor
Jennifer Natland
Andrew Pask
Tanya Paz
Bill Pechet
Bob Rennie
Ian Robertson
Norm Shearing
Catherine Sinasac
John Stovell
Leslie Van Duzer
Michael Von Hausen
Brainstorming workshop table 2016 January
Introductory remarks by VCPC Chair Danielle Bauer
Plenary reporting 2016 January
Planning Commissioners also participated:
Danielle Bauer
Karenn Krangle
Neal LaMontagne
Robert Matas
Melanie Matining
Brainstorming workshop table 2016 January

Link to Brainstorming flip charts