Audience Video Interviews

The Year in Review – A Panel Discussion

“What were the defining decisions, actions and events in planning and development in 2015 that could prove to be transformative in Vancouver’s evolution?”

A few audience members provided reflections on camera to our roving reporter, both on Vancouver’s planning and development in general and on some of the 2015 events featured on the display panels.
Interview excerpts are edited for clarity and conciseness.

Phil Boname: I think we should all be interested in our future. What’s the city going to look like 30, 80 years from now and are we moving in the right direction? The current situation is important, but simultaneously there should be some serious consideration to long-range planning – to consider Vancouver in the global context from a standpoint primarily of urban design. It’s been almost 80 years since Bartholomew was engaged to do a vision for the city of Vancouver. More excerpts

Frank Ducote:  The open house to kick off False Creeks Flats planning was a beautiful open house – lovely displays, wonderful young people getting to be deeply engaged in the planning, with a beer truck outside – a first. But there has been planning for the Flats in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, and there was not reference to this past effort by planners the the community. We have to honour the history, the policy that’s in place and the work already done, and move forward from it. More excerpts

Rhiannon Herbert: I’m new here from Saskatchewan and excited about what’s going on in Vancouver. I work in arts administration and am most interested the aspects that affect the cultural economy and provision for studio spaces which ties into affordable rents and things like that. I was surprised to find such an active arts and music culture – much more variety and diversity as well as the interest in the environment and the outdoors. More excerpts

Gudrun Langolf: The relocation of St. Paul’s Hospital is a bummer for people who’ve gotten used to it being their health facility, but it has the potential of being something really good if the neighbourhood that it’s going to is going to be taken into consideration. I’m sure that the planners are doing that, but it’s not evident to people. It has the potential for a positive impact, but it depends on the execution and how people are involved in the process. More excerpts

Cedric Yu: The viaducts are a huge issue for Vancouver, but also in terms of the infrastructural connections to Burnaby and beyond. It’s a big game changer for people living in that neighbourhood and it also has a potential for other impacts. There are questions about how the edge of the water becomes used in terms of its program – the mix of residential, office, industrial. The connection between Chinatown and Strathcona, is an issue. More excerpts

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