Milestones 2015 Team

“What were the defining decisions, actions and events in planning and development in 2015 that could prove to be transformative in Vancouver’s evolution?”

Year in Review project group members included:
Danielle Bauer
Marta Farevaag
Karenn Krangle
Brad Jones
Neal LaMontagne
Robert Matas
Phil Mondor
Anthony Perl
Nola Kate Seymoar
Andy Yan

Year in Review panel event volunteers included:
Anthony Hoang
Andrew Martin
Rachel Moulson
Omer Rashman
Nathan Saade
Stella Zhou

Chronology Project Group:
Robert Matas (chair)
Elizabeth Ballantyne
Marta Farevaag
Phil Mondor
Marta Farevaag
Nola-Kate Seymoar

Links to highlights from the panel event
Panel event videos
Panel presentations – transcript
Community perspectives
Audience discussion with panel – transcript
Audience member video interviews
Audience comments on poster boards – post-its
Draft list of 2015 significant events – as reviewed at panel event
Panel bios
Brainstorming workshops