Panel Presentations – transcript

The Year in Review – A Panel Discussion

What were the defining decisions, actions and events in planning and development in 2015 that could prove to be transformative in Vancouver’s evolution?

Text of presentations and audience discussion on January 26, 2016

Stephen Quinn, Noha Sedky, Jennifer Marshall, Frances Bula, Bob Rennie (R to L)

Click on the links below for transcribed highlights from videos and written comments

Robert Matas, Vancouver City Planning Commission (VCPC)
Marta Farevaag, VCPC Chronology Project Team, and former VCPC Chair
Stephen Quinn, Moderator

Presentations by Panellists
Noha Sedky, Urban planner and facilitator
Jennifer Marshall, Architect and urban designer
Frances Bula, Urban affairs journalist
Bob Rennie, Condo real estate marketer
Moderated panellist discussion

Community Perspectives
Audience discussion with panellists

Links to more highlights from the panel event
Panel event description
Panel event videos
Community perspectives
Audience member video interviews
Audience comments on poster boards – post-its
Draft list of 2015 significant events – as reviewed at panel event
Panel bios