Moderator’s Introduction

The Year in Review – A Panel Discussion on January 26, 2016
Transcribed highlights edited for clarity. For complete remarks, please refer to the video.

“What were the defining decisions, actions and events in planning and development in 2015 that could prove to be transformative in Vancouver’s evolution?”

Quinn-95x105Stephen Quinn, Moderator

  • Thank you all for being here tonight. I’m very privileged to be part of this this evening. It’s a great pleasure to see this esteemed panel. I am your translator tonight for those of you are lay people like myself who don’t swim in the waters of planning. I’m going to try to keep these people on track, and try to make sure that what we’re talking about this evening is understandable to the largest number of people.
  • I’ll introduce the panel in just a moment. I just want to say and thank you to Elizabeth Ballantyne, as well, for communicating everything to me over the past couple of weeks. I asked the question, “why are we here?” and the answer I got was, “This is about updating the chronology for 2015 with events that could significantly affect, even transform, as Marta just said, the future.” They want to do that based on a broad discussion. They want not just what the Planning Commissioners think of this. So that’s what you’re here for.
  • So the way the evening will work is: I’ll introduce our panellists. Each of the panellists will have four or five minutes to make their case about which of these decisions that the city encountered in 2015 are actually transformative. We’ll talk about that. We’ll open it up for a broad discussion between the panellists. I will act as referee.
  • And I’d like to give us at least 45 to 50 minutes, pretty much half of this time for the audience. There’s a microphone in the middle of the floor to be able to share your own ideas and what you think of what you’ve seen on all the boards all around you.
  • To the panel.

Panellist presentations

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